Have you heard my interview with Hannah from Between Lewis and Lovecraft podcast yet? I was stoked to be invited for their correspondence series. Hannah and I discuss books, writing, New Zealand, and the 17 books I’m currently reading (but I’m not actually proud of that). We talk about all of that and so much more in this episode.

Between Lewis and Lovecraft is all about learning more about the authors that have inspired us. Diving into the stories that they not only created but lived as well.

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Between Lewis and Lovecraft podcast interview

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Charles Dickens part 2 and some special gifts Between Lewis & Lovecraft

Hannah and Tyler Hang out and finish talking about A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Then they open gifts. Ron Swanson Stares at them the whole time, and they listen to Christmas Lofi. Best. Christmas. Ever! As always a thank you to Jake Bassen for our theme song. check him out on sound cloud and reach out to him if you'd like and music, tell him we sent ya.  https://soundcloud.com/jakebassen You follow us on Instagram @lewisandlovecraft Tyler is @twclawson_pdx Hannah is @thehannahray And feel free to check out our website and contact us with any comments, suggestions or feed back. OR submit stories for us to read on our show, cause we'll totally read them… no seriously… we will… for real. 
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