Have you heard my interview with Hannah from Between Lewis and Lovecraft podcast yet? I was stoked to be invited for their correspondence series. Hannah and I discuss books, writing, New Zealand, and the 17 books I’m currently reading (but I’m not actually proud of that). We talk about all of that and so much more in this episode.

Between Lewis and Lovecraft is all about learning more about the authors that have inspired us. Diving into the stories that they not only created but lived as well.

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Between Lewis and Lovecraft podcast interview

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Halloween Special 2020 Between Lewis & Lovecraft

A long message from Tyler.  Reader Info –  Britt Winchester: Host of Contrivance podcast. She’s a personal friend, and friend of the show, and probably our number one fan. She is one of the funniest people I know, along with Drew her co-host. We tried to do something a while back, where I got to hear her do some reading, and I knew she would be perfect for this. Check out her show Contrivance podcast, anywhere you listen to podcasts. Or go to contrivancepod.com Their Instagram is @contrivancepodcast Alexa Tibbils: Alexa got the job to read that story, cause she’s well cause she’s my cousin. She is also super fun to play Dungeons and Dragons with. She’s actually a 911 dispatcher, and she has been working crazy hours this year. So I really wanted to give her a quick shout out for all the hard and crazy work she has been doing to help so many people in these uncertain times. Seriously, thank you to all of our emergency responders, and the dispatchers that work with the public right now.  Dalena Garcia is my mom. She's been actively working on writing sort stories for some time now, and has been looking at becoming a voice actor. Specifically for reading books. So make sure you keep an ear out for her in the future.  And of course James Waldon. Who I got to read a story, because I slipped it into the scripts for my other show, Now Hear This Canby. And James has the greatest voice in the entire world. Thank you James.  The rest of our readers come from the Cast of Fables of Refuge, Fables on YouTube. Carter Michael, Jess Ayers, Lora Dailey, and the Dapper DM himself Jarrett Sullivan all came to play with us this Halloween. And of course the return of friend of the show Aly Fitzgerald. Aly really took the challenge and ran with it. She wrote a story, then did my job of producing a great piece for us. She really did a MUCH better job than I did, in my humble opinion. The whole cast of the show, Fables, did an outstanding job. From Lora Dailey going out of her way to perfect a French accent for a story, to Jess Ayers reading so well, I got literal goosebumps while listening. From Jarret hitting the tone of his story perfectly to Carter Michael making me feel bad for a freaking zombie. Hats off to this amazing cast of actors.@loradailey@jessnextdoor@jarrettsullivan@carterhmichael@_alyfitzgerald If you want to show them some love and support, please go check out their amazing show Fables of Refuge on YouTube. They play Dungeons and Dragons, video games and have other podcasts (one of which features me, Tyler Clawson). Consider supporting them on Patreon, and help an indie project of great creators! @fables_of_refuge@thecmikepro Thank you, to all our readers.  Stories come from all over the world!  We have stories from New Zealand, L.A, The East Coast, and even from down the road. The stories:  Starting things off is my mom. Dalena Garcia. She wrote and read her own story. And I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is going after two dreams that she’s had for a very long time.Giving up the Ghost by Dalena, read by Dalena.   Up next this story was written by Alissa Smith, who has been a listener almost since we first started. And she’s our New Zealand Prophet, speaking to the masses down there of our great gospel. She is also a writer, yoga instructor and book reviewer. Check out her Instagram @ravenbooksnzThe Confrontation by Alissa Smith, read by Britt Winchester. Wrote this for a blog back in 2015 and was kind enough to submit it to us for our audio pleasure. Maker by Alfred Smith, read by Lora Dailey Halloween Story by Kenneth Lawson, read by Carter Michael The Hell Cell by Heidi Brown, read by Alexa Tibbils My Last Halloween by Karlie Blackmore, read by Britt Winchester This was written by a good friend of mine who has two books out in the Ether. You can follow his writing process on his YouTube page or just check out his zombie survival books on amazon by looking up Bradly Botts (two ts) or on Instagram @b_radbootheadDwelling by Bradly Botts, read by Jarrett Sullivan You can find J.T. and follow his adventures on Instagram @jtslappinpaintThe Building by J.T. Owens, read by Jess Ayers  Security Bells by Tallan Paul, read by James Waldon Late Arrival by Hannah Ray Lambert, read by Aly Fitzgerald.  My name is John by Steven Cain, read by Carter Michael Go follow him, he needs more followers, he's to good an author not to have more, on Instagram @curtis_a._deeterIt Creeps in the Shadows by Curtis A. Deeter, read by Jess Ayers Follow Brianna's amazing career on Instagram @drysharksBlack Dolphins by Brianna Fenty, read by Lora Dailey To view the video that Aly made for this audio check out her YouTube page. https://youtu.be/9G3eVpFZPHcHook and The Haunting by Aly Fitzgerald The Burden of Knowledge by Tyler Clawson, read by Tyler Clawson  
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