Writing sprints

Writing sprints are a great way to get those words down! Whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo, have limited time available, or you just need some focussed, uninterrupted time to work on your project, set yourself a timer and go for it!

Usually, a 15-20 minute block is a good amount of time to focus. The purpose of a writing sprint is to maximise the word count by writing as fast as you can. Don’t think too hard about how it fits into the overall structure, instead just get those ideas down. Write now, edit later.

Here are some great apps to help focus your attention on your writing sprint:

Live write-ins

Authortube writing sprints

Plus, you can do writing sprints with us on Youtube! Some of my favourite Authortubers are Hina McCord, Becca C. Smith, Brooke Passmore, and Kate Cavanaugh.

Here’s a live write-in I did recently with Hina and Becca. Best of all, it was themed with Labyrinth cosplay!

Make sure you follow your favourite Authortubers so you get notifications for future live write-ins.