Push Through – A pep talk

Nobody promised you it was going to be quick or easy or straightforward or even fun. You’re learning that it’s slow and challenging and curly and tedious. But you must push through.

Ideas present themselves with speed and momentum, faster than you can write them down. Then all of a sudden you’re stuck, frozen on an elusive word or concept or detail or purpose.

A small change here, the flap of a butterfly’s wing, and the storyline becomes upended in a typhoon. 

push through – butterfly

Push through obstacles.

Is it important? This word, this scene, this chapter. If this bit doesn’t matter then does that matter? And if that doesn’t matter, does anything matter and why are you even doing this?

Is it for yourself? For everyone else? For those who know you, or the rest? Or nobody? To share with those who are like you, or to show those who are different to you?

push through

All you know is that it began with a desire inside you. An urge to create. Stoke that fire. Feed it, manifest it, express it, give it life. Remember why you started.

Push through self-doubt.

Have another coffee, meditate, get some fresh air, chat to a friend for a boost of confidence.

Let go of assumption and judgement and expectation. Just do the work. Keep going. Keep refining, reworking, rewriting, developing, improving, and strengthening.

Persevere. Discover. Dig deeper and question everything.

The journey is bumpy and ugly and kaleidoscopic and gnarly and mercurial and wearisome and lonely and thrilling and magical.

But it will all be worth it.

Push through.