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Do you love a good horror story? Then you’ll enjoy the Between Lewis and Lovecraft podcast’s spooky Halloween special, with listener-submitted stories. And I’m excited to be part of it because this episode features one of my own twisted tales!

“The Confrontation” is flash fiction written by Alissa Smith and expertly read by Britt Winchester of the Contrivance podcast. It’s short but delivers a punch. The background of this story came about by wondering: What is one of the worst feelings you could experience? That’s all I’ll say – you’ll just have to listen to it!

Just a note about my story: It’s very dark, and I promise that I’m OK. ?

You’ll find the introduction to my story at 0:23:00 minutes. “The Confrontation” story begins at 0:25:00 minutes. However, I encourage you to listen to the entire episode as the other horror stories are delightfully creepy and thrilling!

What is it about horror stories that we love so much?

Perhaps it’s the same reason we use humour as an antidote to our troubles. Just as comedy makes us laugh, horror delivers thrills, suspense and tension that gets our pulses racing. While real-life suffering in the world can be hard to bear, fictional horror in books, stories, movies, theme parks and video games provides entertainment in a controlled environment. Often, these fictional horrors come to some kind of resolution, and we are able to control how much attention we give to the source. Don’t like where it’s going? Shut it down, turn it off, walk away. We can reason that it wasn’t real life anyway.

For those of you – like me – who read fiction books as a form of escapism, horror can be thrilling, intriguing and a welcome diversion. If you’re looking for more horror stories to listen to, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite spooky podcasts here. Share your favourites in the comments below!

Between Lewis and Lovecraft, Halloween Special 2020